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13 Best Copywriting Courses Actually Worth the Investment in 2023

April 26, 2023


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So you’ve decided to stop consuming YouTube videos and finally make the investment in improving your copywriting skills. Congrats!

The only problem? Everyone with an internet connection and a keyboard is offering a copywriting course, making it impossible to distinguish worthwhile programs from those cleverly marketed by copywriters.

The best copywriting courses are taught by someone with a proven track record as a writer, who explains things in a detailed yet understandable way and outlines action steps, so you’re not just passively consuming information.

Fear not! I’m a full-time freelance copywriter, and I’ve done the research for you. These are my best (vetted!) course recommendations to help you level up your writing skills and income.

Things to consider before taking copywriting courses

Online courses can be life-changing. Frankly, they’re more valuable than college degrees and way cheaper! But if you’ve tried one before, you might have been burned by a low-quality program from a make-money-online guru who made some shiny marketing claims.

No matter what the haters say, not everyone who creates courses is a scammer. Of course, you should be skeptical, but don’t let that get in the way of finding a good program.

Ask yourself these questions before investing in an online program:

Do I need this course, or am I just delaying starting work?

As a copywriter, you might think improving your writing skills would lead to discovering new clients, but that’s not always true. Two things are essential for a thriving copywriting career, mastering copywriting and obtaining clients. If getting higher-paying clients is your issue, you should look for courses covering freelance business management

Am I willing to put in the work?

Here’s the deal (from someone who sells courses herself): You get what you put in. Even the most mind-blowing course will only help you if you do the work. Unfortunately, some people buy courses and never end up taking action.

What do other people say about this course?

If you’re browsing reviews, make sure you check the source. Some reviews are straight-up ads. Do some digging to find impartial feedback. Join Facebook or Slack communities for freelance writers and ask for opinions. 

Will this course suit my current expertise level?

Take stock. How much do you know about copywriting, and how much experience do you have? Online courses can feel overwhelming or way too basic based on where you are. 

What Are the Best Copywriting Courses?

Best copywriting courses for beginners that still need to learn the basics
Write to 1k, Alan Sharpe’s 30-hr Copywriting Masterclass
The Launch Files
Freelance Writing Essentials
The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course
The Launch Copywriter’s Business Growth Kit
Comprehensive Copywriting Academy 
Best copywriting courses for intermediate writers or for business owners writing their own copy
The Copy Cure
Write Your Way to Freedom
The Business Accelerator
Best copywriting courses for beginner or intermediate B2B writers
Copywriting Mastery by Digital Marketer 
The B2B Writing Seminar 

1. The Copy Cure 


Created by copywriting experts Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray, The Copywriting Cure course offers a comprehensive approach to writing copy. It helps you craft messages unique to your brand and engage your target audience. It includes video training, live Q&A sessions, and a community of writers to support you throughout the process. The course is expensive and best for writers who are further in their careers or want to learn copywriting for marketing purposes.

 Top Features

  • Email Subject Lines 

     You’ll have access to 100+ email subject lines.

  • 8 Master Classes 

     Each masterclass focuses on different areas, including email marketing, design, blogging, and more. 

  • 4 Modules of Video Training 

     These modules teach you how to write, explain which words to omit, how to increase your sales, and how to write faster. 

  • Taglines

     You’ll learn to create a tagline tailored to your audience and 21 tagline examples.

  • Feedback & Critique Workshops

     Have live coaching calls with Marie and Laura and watches student copy makeovers happen in real-time. 


This copywriting course is available for a one-time payment of $1,499, or you can make ten monthly payments of $169. While it’s pricier than some other copywriting courses, The Copy Cure offers a unique approach to copywriting two experts in the field back that. Plus, with lifetime access to the course materials and updates, it’s an investment that will continue to pay off in the long run.

Bottom Line

If you’re new to online business, trying a more affordable copywriting course alternative is best. However, if you’re already an online marketer with products to sell, the Copywriting Cure is an excellent option for learning how to write your own copy. If you’d like a more affordable option, check out Forleo’s free-7 day writing class: “How to Write Words that Sell and Sound Like You.”

2. Copyhackers


Founded by Joanna Wiebe in 2011, Copyhackers offers a range of services, including highly detailed courses in web copy, email campaigns, landing pages, sales pages, and Facebook pages. Unlike other copywriting courses, Copyhackers focuses 100% on conversions. 

     Top Features

  • 24 Copy Training Courses 

     Courses cover sales pages, nurturing emails, FB ads, and more. 

  • Course Completion Badges 

     You’ll receive course completion badges to show off on LinkedIn, which will help justify your rates. 

  • Get New Lessons Free

     You will get access to every new lesson or program added at no additional cost. 

  • Dozens of Materials

     You can access dozens of templates, workbooks, and worksheets. 

  • Thorough Course Content

Courses include the essentials, such as how to find high-converting messages,    organize them on a page, write headlines that hook, and think like a conversion copywriter. 


The Copy School copywriting course for one person is $3997. You can separate that into six monthly payments of $697. You can get both plans for 50% off with advertisements for $348/month and $1998/month. 

Bottom Line

Copyhackers’ Copy School course is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelance copywriters trying to make it big. This course is top-rated among freelance writers who write for companies and brands and want to improve their writing skills to impress their clients. You can try the cash-friendly and instant all-access plans risk-free for seven days. 

3. Write to 1K by Elna Cain


Write to 1k is an online course created by freelance writer Elna Cain to help aspiring writers earn their first $1,000 from freelance writing. Elna is a well-known blogger, freelance writer, and SEO expert. In other words, she talks the talk AND walks the walk when it comes to freelance writing. The course includes practical advice on finding and pitching clients, creating a portfolio, accessing a supportive community of fellow writers, and ongoing coaching from Cain herself.

Top Features

  • Seven Self-paced Modules 

      Modules cover what skills you’ll need to start on the right track, how to find your niche, build your portfolio, and a step-by-step guide on landing clients. 

  • Personalized Pitch Review 

     Cain reviews your pitch and suggests increasing conversions.

  • Private Facebook Community

      The Facebook group provides like-minded writers to lean on for support, along with challenges and live training sessions. 

  • 30-Day Challenge 

    “Book Clients in 30 days” is a free challenge providing daily tasks that target network opportunities, client acquisition, and honing your pitching strategy. 

  • Workbooks

     The “Profitable Niche Workbook” helps you find the right profitable niche. 


Pay $75/month for three months or a one-time payment of $195. No questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Bottom Line

Write to 1k is best suited for aspiring freelance writers looking to earn their first $1,000 or more from writing. The copywriting course is beneficial for those new to the freelance writing industry and seeking practical guidance and support in launching their writing career. In addition, you’ll have lifetime access to all updates for free. 

4. Comprehensive Copywriting Academy by Filthy Rich Writer


Many copywriters lack structured copy training, but this course helps you become a more well-rounded, confident, and knowledgeable writer. Founded by Nicki Krawczyk, The Filthy Rich Writer is a comprehensive copywriting course that teaches you how to build a copywriting career from the ground up and prepares you for working as a freelancer or landing a position with an agency.  

Top Features

  • Facebook Group 

     The CCA has a private Facebook group where members share their thoughts, tips, and highs and lows with the community. 

  • Monthly Coaching Calls 

     Nicki has monthly live coaching calls where members can ask questions, receive feedback, and design a customized game plan. 

  • 6 Course Modules

     Each module has an action sheet to make your approach as practical as possible. 

  • Bonus Materials

     Bonus courses include “Pricing Your Services,” “High-Converting Pitches For Your Clients,” and more.

  • Self-paced

     You have lifetime access to Filthy Rich Writer Academy and can take as much time as you need to complete the course. 


There are a few different price points and payment options, but you can get access for under $700, which is very well-priced for the amount of content and attention you get. 

Bottom Line

Nicki created Filthy Rich Writer for beginners to take the guesswork out of breaking into the business. This course will help you set yourself apart in a saturated market, receive glowing client feedback and create a winning portfolio.

5. Alan Sharpe’s 30-hr Copywriting Masterclass & Coaching: 2023


A copywriter since 1989, Alan Sharpe has written copy for hundreds of global brands, including IBM, John Deere, SAP, and Hilton Hotels. In contrast to many online courses, his 30-hour Copywriting Masterclass & Coaching provides access to the instructor and feedback on your writing. This training is best for new copywriters with no prior experience.

Top Features

  • Comprehensive examples

      Alan gives hundreds of real-world examples that he’s gathered from teaching students from 150+ countries for over three decades. 

  • Headline education

     You’ll learn the fundamentals of writing headlines, introductory sentences, subheadings, body text, linking phrases, and CTAs.

  • Persuasion principles

     You’ll learn how to influence people to buy using offers, recommendations, guarantees, deadlines, and other persuasive techniques.


This course, initially priced at $139.99, is presently available at a discount of 79%, costing only $29.99. That includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line

This copywriting course is perfect for new copywriters joining a team or simply looking to break into the industry. Alan’s wit, real-world examples, comprehensive modules, and attentiveness to students make this an excellent option for newcomers. 

6. Copywriting Mastery by Digital Marketer


Aspiring copywriters often overlook the importance of learning marketing principles in addition to copywriting formulas. This is an excellent course to boost your sales through copywriting or help your clients increase their sales. This course will help copywriters who are considering freelance work for tech companies or writers who are joining a start-up team and need to understand how their writing will fit into the bigger marketing picture.

Top Features

  • Certifications

     You’ll receive a Credential Badge & signed Certification from DigitalMarketer upon completion of each course

  • Expert Instructors 

     You’ll get tested and proven strategies developed by the best in the industry, including Pam Foster, Learning Chief at AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.), Molly Pittman, the author of Click Happy, and Ezra Firestone, Co-Founder & CEO of BOOM. 

  • Top-to-Bottom Insight 

      You’ll learn the core functions of marketing and turn those skills into additional revenue. 


This course is available for a one-time payment of $495.  

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to understand how your writing will fit into the bigger marketing picture, then this copywriting course is for you! Copywriting Mastery could also be a good continuing education option for those looking to level up their writing careers and learn something new.

7.  The Launch Files by Alex Cattoni


Copywriting mentor Alex Cattoni is well-known among B2C and direct-to-consumer copywriters. She makes copywriting and persuasion easy to learn on her YouTube channel, which attracts not only freelance writers, but also marketers and entrepreneurs.

Her 8-Week copywriter coaching program, The Launch Files, helps aspiring copywriters build a strong portfolio and secure clients. The program also gives an inside look into recordings from Alex’s closed-door live group coaching program, the Copy Posse Launch Pad. 

Top Features

  • Copywriting Guides/Formulas 

     Alex walks you through how to write a sales funnel from scratch. 

  • Modern Techniques 

     Alex focuses on writing persuasive and high-converting copy. 

  • Psychological Triggers 

     This covers common messaging mistakes you must avoid to stand out. 

  • Storytelling 

     You will receive eight proven storytelling formulas to use in your messaging and create customized story structures for your portfolio pieces. 

  • Ads + Landing Pages 

You’ll learn proven frameworks for effective ads and landing pages to complete your sales funnel. 


The Launch Files costs $1,997 in full, with the option for three monthly payments of $757. 

Bottom Line

If you’re an aspiring copywriter without experience and want to build your portfolio, Alex Cattoni’s copywriting courses are for you. Those looking to add personality and punch to their marketing copy will benefit from Alex’s copywriting knowledge. She offers lifetime access to recordings, workbooks, and exclusive membership to the Launch Files Private Facebook Community, providing peer guidance and support.

8. The Copywriter Accelerator by the Copywriter Club


Known for their popular podcast, Rob and Kira from the Copywriter Club built the Copywriter Accelerator focuses on the business components you need to build a sustainable copywriting business. The course is more of a mastermind for experienced freelancers than an online course. Mastermind members often go on the podcast to share how it helped them level up their freelance careers and income.

Top Features

  • Eight advanced business trainings with live coaching

Modules and coaching that cover everything you need to know to start, build, and grow your business.

  • Business Model 

     You’ll create a growth plan that finally feels custom-fit for you.

  • Strategic Pricing Strategy 

     You’ll learn six critical pricing hacks. 

  • Implementation Blueprints 

      Each building block training provides implementation blueprints to get things done quickly. 

  • Accelerator Slack Community 

     You can ask for help (and get it) 24/7 with an exclusive Accelerator Slack community. 


The Copywriter accelerator program is available for a one-time payment of $3,000, or you can make six monthly payments of $525. 

Bottom Line

Investing in a mastermind could be a good move for you if you’re capped at a certain income and want to learn how to break through. The Copywriter Accelerator is a 5-month business growth mastermind for experienced copywriters who are ready to start hitting $10K+ months consistently. Those looking for a supportive community and real-time feedback will find this mastermind a worthwhile investment. 

9. Freelance Writing Essentials by Peak Freelance


Elise Dopson of Peak Freelance is a well-known freelance mentor with an active presence on LinkedIn and other socia platforms. Through a combination of video lessons, exercises, and feedback from Michael and Elise, who have 10+ years of experience, you’ll gain the tools and confidence needed to launch and grow your freelance writing business. 

Top Features

  • Certification 

     A badge to say you’re a certified Peak Freelance writer and have been mentored by us. You can also add the certification to your LinkedIn profile. 

  • Comprehensive 

     Most videos last between 10 and 20 minutes and cover everything new writers should know, including how to write well, get clients, legal and accounting, developing processes, etc.

  • Bonuses 

     Every module has a recap quiz, and some have various downloadable templates.

  • Resources 

     You’ll receive many helpful downloads, including checklists, templates, spreadsheets, etc.

  • 7 Modules 

     You’ll have lifetime access, can move at your own pace, and access any course updates for free. 


The price of this course is just £99. You can also pay in three installments of £35 per month.

Bottom Line

This is the copywriting course for you if you’re new to freelancing. You’ll learn to build confidence, set rates, and scale your business. 

10. The B2B Writing Seminar by B2B Writing Institute


Sarah Greesonbach is a seasoned B2B writer who specializes in money mindset and motivation, as well as balancing a freelance career with other responsibilities. Her 8-week on-demand writing program not only teaches writing skills, but how to think like a highly paid B2B writer. By attending the B2B Writing Seminar, writers can overcome their fear of running a business and confidently discuss their work with clients.

Listen to my interview with Sarah Greesonbach here! 

Top Features

  • B2BWI Training Library and bundles

     The training library covers writing, systems, and processes, pricing your work, and managing client boundaries. Bundles include “B2B Writing Template Pack”, “Client Magnet,” “Process Magic,” and more. 

  • Private Community 

     You’ll receive community feedback on your writing, weekly community check-ins, and a lifetime of access to like-minded writers. 

  • Ongoing B2BWI Membership

     Membership includes new live training and copy reviews every month. 

  • Thought Leadership writing training

   The B2B writing seminar breaks down the high-level thinking that goes into content for an executive audience. 


This course is available for a one-time payment of $850 or two payments of $450. 

Bottom Line

The B2B Writing Instiute is perfect for career-changers who desire to become B2B writers, so they can have a stable, profitable writing business and a balanced life! 

This course is perfect for mid-career professionals who seek to understand how B2B writers get paid for their long-form writing work like blog posts, case studies, and white papers.

11. The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course by Jacob McMillen


Jacob McMillen’s “Internet’s Best Copywriting Course” acknowledges that getting clients requires a completely different skill set than writing exceptional copy—a statement I agree with! This course takes a focused approach to address what many courses overlook – the business aspects of copywriting (in addition to the fundamentals of crafting compelling copy). 

Top Features

  • 5 Modules including video and written Lessons

     The full course includes five modules with 23 in-depth lessons. 

  • “Homework”

      You’ll get homework that takes you step by step through building a real, tangible business.

  • Budget Conscious hacks

If you’re on a tight budget, Jacob shows you the cheapest ways to launch a website and design your workflows while maintaining high quality.

  • Step-by-step guidance

     Jacob shows you where to pitch, how to pitch, how to close sales when you get an opening, and how to upsell small projects into large, recurring contracts.  


The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course is priced at $997 with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. 

Bottom Line

I recommend starting with Jacob’s free, value-packed content on YouTube and his blog if you want to get a taste of his teaching style. It is designed for people who already have a basic writing talent and entrepreneurial ambition and want to make a full-time six-figure income. 

12. Sales Page Prep School by Dani Paige


If you’re looking to hit your financial goals ASAP without hustling to push out mass amounts of blogs, you should learn to create killer sales pages! Sales Page Prep School (SPPS) teaches you how to write high-converting sales pages and gain a repeatable system for delivering career-changing client projects.

Watch my interview with Dani here!

Top Features

  • Sales Page Mastery modules

Double Pop Process Curriculum: PREP, ORGANIZE, PERFORM. Lifetime access to all training content, swipes, and templates, including The Playbook

  • Business-Building Growth lessons:

Becoming a Launch Copywriter, Sales Calls and Proposals, On-boarding and Off-boarding. Managing Successful Projects. Marketing and Filling Your Pipeline

  • Live Support

12 months of Ask Me Anything coaching calls + 12 months of private online community and certification


SPPS costs $1,197. Payment plans are available, and she has a 14-day money back guarantee. 

Bottom Line

Many people talk about “high-ticket” offers and conversion copywriting, but they don’t explain how to learn them. If you want to write sales pages but don’t know where to start, SPPS can help. If you already have copywriting skills and want to add a high-ticket offer, SPPS can help!

13. Write Your Way to Freedom by Sarah Turner



Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way to Freedom course is well-known to most aspiring copywriters. However, many people look for reviews and testimonials before purchasing because of the price point. I have heard many great (and authentic) reviews. Sarah is a medical copywriter who mentors aspiring writers. WYWTF is a comprehensive course with eight training modules containing 59 step-by-step lessons. Regardless of your niche, you will learn how to build your own profitable writing business. 

Top Features

  • SEO Basics 

     Sarah includes thoughtful guidance on getting started with SEO basics. 

  • Managing a Business 

     The course guides you in making your website, registering for your LLC, and setting up a bank account. 

  • Weekly Facebook Live

     You’ll have a weekly Facebook live with Sarah, where you can get your questions answered quickly. 

  • Diverse Copy 

      You learn diverse copywriting skills, including landing pages, white papers, and more. 

  • Learn How to Write 

      The course teaches you how to write compelling, concise copy in any niche. 


The course costs $5800, and payment plans are available. 

Bottom Line

Do you have that willingness to put in the effort I discussed in the introduction? This is an important factor to consider when investing in WRYTF. If you’re ready to invest the time and money, this copywriting course will help you turn your passions into writing and your writing into profits and full-time income. Sarah Turner put it best herself when she said, “If you’re longing for a life with more meaning, mobility, and money – I can help.” 

Wrap Up

A quality copywriting course is like a shot of espresso—it wakes up your creativity and gives you the tools to write copy that packs a punch. It isn’t a soul-numbing conveyor of templates, tips, and tricks. 

Instead, the right course teaches you about psychology, influence, and the strategies required to write persuasive, empathetic, high-value copy. Bonus if the course teaches you the business-side of freelance writing! 

Well-designed curriculum arms you with the skills to captivate your readers, stimulate their desires, and incite them to action, whether you’re writing your own copy or working for freelance clients.