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Do you dream of being your own boss but feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting a business? As a fellow introvert, I can relate. The thought of managing a team and growing a company can be daunting. But fear not. Solopreneurship offers the perfect solution for those seeking independence and flexibility without the pressures […]

What Is a Solopreneur? Solopreneur Business Model and Job Ideas

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As a freelance copywriter, you’re probably focused on building your portfolio, attracting clients, and growing your income.  But, it’s never too early or late to think about how to save for your future retirement. (Your silver-haired self will be grateful for it.)  As a freelancer, though, you don’t have access to an employer-sponsored 401K plan, […]

No 401(k)? Pro Tips for Saving for Retirement as a Freelancer in 2024 


Overwhelmed at the thought of building a website to market your freelance services? Don’t worry – your website doesn’t have to be beautiful. All you need is an “MVP” website tailored to your ideal client. An MVP website is like a first draft – it’s created quickly and cheaply and then refined over time as […]

How To Create a Magnetizing Freelance Website in 7 Easy Steps


Do you know what’s better than doing work you love? Getting paid for it! And having the best invoicing software as a freelancer makes that possible.  But according to the Globe News Wire, 74% of freelancers don’t get paid on time and 59% are owed $50,000! Honestly, this is downright appalling. If you need to […]

So you’ve decided to stop consuming YouTube videos and finally make the investment in improving your copywriting skills. Congrats! The only problem? Everyone with an internet connection and a keyboard is offering a copywriting course, making it impossible to distinguish worthwhile programs from those cleverly marketed by copywriters. The best copywriting courses are taught by […]

13 Best Copywriting Courses Actually Worth the Investment in 2023

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Juggling multiple projects, deadlines, and clients can be overwhelming without the right tools! Freelancing requires staying organized, managing multiple tasks simultaneously, and communicating with clients effectively. 
Project management tools transform these challenges into a streamlined workflow, automating repetitive tasks and keeping track of progress.

Best Freelance Project Management Tools in 2023


Freelancing on LinkedIn? Yes, you read that correctly. While LinkedIn is the go-to for landing full-time roles, many underestimate how much of a goldmine it is for obtaining and securing freelance gigs without the hassle of sifting through countless job boards.

As of 2023, more than 58.4 million companies are on LinkedIn and three new members sign up on LinkedIn every second! Needless to say, LinkedIn is the ideal platform to get exposure for your freelance work and reach your ideal clients.

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There has never been a better time to become a freelancer. The gig economy has grown 15x faster than the traditional job market! This explosive growth is no surprise since 90% of companies now see a mixed business model (freelance and remote work) as their key to staying competitive.

Since gig work opportunities are exploding, you’re probably wondering how to secure high-paying freelance clients.

How To Get High-paying Freelance Clients in 2023


Getting paid for the work we do as freelancers is a topic I take seriously. According to a study by the Independent Economy Counsel, 75% of freelancers do not get paid on time. Even worse, 59% of respondents were owed $50,000 or more for work already completed!

How To Remind Someone To Pay You Without Making It Awkward

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